ABRABOND LTD is one of the leading UK producers and suppliers of adhesives to woodworking, furniture and joinery manufacturers.  Products from our innovative A RANGE of wood glues and hot melt adhesives have been specially developed to meet the most demanding applications in the engineered wood, veneering, laminating and assembly sectors.  The comprehensive range includes PVA glues, conventional hot melt adhesives, Polyurethane (PUR) hot melts, waterproof liquid PU's, UF resins, PU dispersions, solvent based adhesives and sealants.

Our company began trading in the mid 1980's, initially specialising in the supply of coated abrasives to the Furniture Industry.  We then diversified into adhesives and today ABRABOND LTD is one of the foremost independent suppliers and manufacturers of industrial adhesives in the U.K.  The company was formed by, and is run today by its Managing Director, Ian Crowther-Green.  Abrabond Ltd., Abrabond (North) Ltd., and Adseal are members of the Corzak Group of adhesive companies.  Our water-based manufacturing plant is in Accrington, Lancashire.



In 1990 we began to diversify, and quickly focused on developing and promoting tailor-made industrial adhesives specifically for use in the woodworking and furniture sectors.  This proved a very successful venture and today, over 90% of our activity centres around the production and sale of industrial adhesives for a number of industries.  We focus on industrial products and do not promote adhesives into the retail sector.  In 2015 we began to manufacture our own water based adhesives in our Lancashire factory.  Our site in Kidderminster, West Midlands, has six adhesive filling lines and we re-pack from bulk into packs as small as 125 grams.  We offer a complete range of pack sizes for our water-based, solvent based and PU adhesives.  Our filling equipment is state-of-the-art and is extremely accurate.  We are happy to accommodate the needs of customers who require own-labelling in order to promote their own brands.  Our re-packing and filling equipment is so flexible that we are happy to offer to own-label customer adhesives not only in large volume runs but also where small quantity bespoke products are requested.  Please contact our sales office to discuss your special requirements.  Local deliveries are serviced using our own transport.



In August 2004 we opened a second warehouse and sales office in Bradford, Yorkshire, in order to better service our customers in Northern England.  We also use accurately calibrated small pack filling facilities in this warehouse.  Our products are supplied ex. stock from both locations.  We use our own vehicle to make rapid local deliveries throughout Yorkshire and Humberside.



Since its humble beginnings, ABRABOND has grown significantly, and today supplies a complete portfolio of adhesives, adhesive application equipment and services to many industries, but our core business is the supply of our A RANGE of adhesives, resins and sealants to the furniture and woodworking sector.  Adhesive Excellence is key to our success.  The company offers a complete service package embracing proven cost-effective products, immediate delivery from stock, large choice of packs, full technical support, laboratory testing and reporting.  Our field based technical support team have a combined industry knowledge totaling in excess of 95 years



We are one of the very few UK adhesive companies that has its own in-house packaging operation.  We are able to deliver our products in an almost unlimited number and type of pack sizes.  We also offer special custom-made adhesive formulations which we develop ourselves and - where specialised production equipment is required -  we work in conjunction with a number of carefully vetted toll-producers. Own-label products can be supplied on request.



Our ADSEAL brand of adhesives includes structural adhesives, cyanoacrylates (superglues) and specialist washable PVA adhesives (school glues).





Many of our customers require adhesive application equipment, extraction equipment, spray booths and ancillary products. We supply a complete package from our sister company – SYSTEM SPRAY LTD.

System Spray Ltd is managed by Barry Pearson and is also a member of the Corzak Group of adhesive companies.




Technical Director, Anthony Jackson, has over 30 years experience of industrial adhesives chemistry with a longstanding background in developing novel water based and hot melt adhesives products.  His technical team are responsible for product development and assuring the quality of all adhesives manufactured by our Corzak Group companies.

Our modern laboratory enables our staff to undertake a large spectrum of work including adhesion testing, solubility testing, accurate measurement of viscosity, solids content (using oven, moisture balance and refractometer methodology), hot melt adhesive softening point, and product pH.

We also have the equipment that enables us to undertake surface energy testing, coat weight analysis, climatic testing, gloss measurement, surface resistivity, water resistance, hydrogen peroxide resistance and heat resistance.

We carry out K-Bar and Sheen cube coating of adhesives and we have our own digital microscope to aid us with a wide variety of adhesive-related problem solving.

We have access to Finat and PSTC testing including peel, T peel, loop tack, rolling ball tack, shear and lap strength testing for wood adhesives.

For the packaging sector, we offer environmental testing including compostability and biodegradation.

Ring & Ball Tester



This web site is designed to provide an overview of the products we offer. You will find that we offer a friendly service and can provide all the advice and information you need. We would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you.  If you call us today we can discuss your requirements either by phone or by arranging a meeting with you in person.  Alternatively you can use our CONTACT FORM.



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