Abrabond bought ADSEAL in 2009?? And it now operates from the main Abrabond site in the West Midlands.

We supply a range of structural adhesives and solvent thinners/cleaning products to industry. These include one and two-part Cyanoacrylates, two-part epoxies, anaerobic adhesives (for screw thread-locking) special resins and sealants, contact adhesives, specialist adhesive tapes and products from the Bostik portfolio. We also supply Tec Bond hot melt glue guns and sticks for the industrial, craft and hobby sectors as well as PVA and copolymer based adhesives to the packaging and furniture industries and safe to use, washable PVA glues for the educational sector. Structural adhesives can be supplied in very small packs from 10 gm upwards. We can also supply spare empty bottles and spouts on request together with dispensing equipment.