PVA and other Water-Based Adhesives

Our A RANGE consists of a comprehensive number of different PVA formulations.  We have developed and manufacture water-based adhesives for General Assembly, Dowelling, Veneering, Laminating, Foil Lamination, Chair Assembly, Edgebanding, Profile Wrapping and Soft-Forming - all conforming to current European standards.  Pack sizes from 125 gm through to 1 tonne IBC's are available.  We also offer high performance PVA and co-polymer adhesives for specialist applications such as Paper/PVC laminating, for bonding to difficult substrates like melamine and impervious varnishes, for use with knock-down DIY furniture,  and we also supply our products to resellers.







Hot Melt Adhesives - EVA and PSA

Our A RANGE of hot melt adhesives, again conforming to all European specifications, are of the highest quality and performance.  Grades are available for profile wrapping and all speeds of edgebanding lines, from very fast automatic machines all the way through the range to low-temperature grades for hand-fed edgebanders.  Special grades are supplied for solid wood lippings and for soft forming.  Our A RANGE includes a number of pressure sensitive and polyolefin based hot melts for mattress production and specialist upholstery applications.  EVA products are available in 20 kg bags and 330 gm cartridges whilst PSA's come in a variety of pack sizes from 15 kg boxes containing ‘pack-free’ product up to 200 kgs drums.





Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Adhesives

Many grades are offered and these have been developed for use in the profile wrapping of mouldings and window sections, edgebanding of furniture panels, edgelipping of fire doors etc., and for all kinds of general furniture assembly operations. We offer PUR adhesives in different forms, e.g., hot melt, water-based, solvent based as well as 100% solids liquid.  A variety of pack sizes can be offered.






3D Laminating (Membrane Press) Adhesive

ABRABOND's A RANGE includes an excellent choice of polyurethane dispersion adhesives for use in membrane and membraneless presses. We have developed our range of traditional two-component grades and also one-part self-crosslinking adhesives with viscosities in the range 1,750 to 3,000 cPs, in order to meet the spraying characteristics of all our customers' equipment, and these adhesives exceed the requirements of BS 6250.  Our 3D laminating adhesives are available in pack sizes from 20 kg containers up to 1 tonne IBC's.



Solvent based Contact Adhesives

ABRABOND markets a complete range of sprayable and hand-applied solvent based adhesives for flat bonding, post-forming, mattress production, foam converting and for the manufacture of upholstered furniture.  Toluene-free formulations are available.  A full range of flammable and non-flammable sprayable neoprene and SBR based contact adhesives for all furniture applications are available together with the appropriate cleaners.





We offer a comprehensive range of two-part resins which have been designed especially for veneering and other related furniture, door and structural wooden beam manufacturing applications.  Our technically superior and environmentally-friendly range of Casco UF, Resorcinol and MUF resins enable manufacturers to press components at lower temperatures and/or at faster speeds than can be achieved by using conventional products.  Unique, new generation Casco liquid hardeners improve mixing and safety implications.  These products are supplied in containers from 25 kg up to 1 tonne IBC's.





ABRABOND also has a special range of wood finishing products available for furniture and joinery companies.  Our range of UV lacquers, in particular, offers real performance and end-use benefits.  Coat weights and cost can be reduced without sacrificing performance.